A privately hosted WordPress AI Chatbot

Chat with your own hosted LLMs and automate workflows with agents.

Dynamic Content Generation

Quickly generate new content via chat or shortcodes on post or pages.

Private Chat History

Keep your conversation history private within your WordPress database.

Model Switching

Switch between different conversational models on the fly.


Automate tasks, generate dynamic content and more.

Custom Responses

Create your own custom system messages for highly predictable or formatted responses.


Fully override the modelfile and create a custom chat bots.

Granular Control

Fine tune all parameters to tailor responses to fit your content needs.

Models available

Quickly generate new content via chat or shortcodes on post or pages.

Llama 2 by Meta Platforms: Advanced chat models fine-tuned on 1M human annotations, designed for seamless chat interactions.

Mistral is a powerful language model, featuring 7.3 billion parameters and available under an Apache license. It can be used for both instruction following and text completion tasks

Compact with only 1.1B parameters, designed for applications with limited computational resources and quick results.

DeepSeek Coder trained from scratch, pre-trained on 2T tokens in English & Chinese, with 87% code and 13% natural language focus.


Familiar chat interface and a seamless chat experience on any device.

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Remember, Alpaca Bot is open source and 100% free to use!

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