Introducing LLaVa and BakLLaVa Support

We are excited to announce that we have added support for the LLaVa and BakLLaVa models in Alpaca Bot! These cutting-edge models represent a new era of multimodal understanding, combining vision encoding and language processing capabilities. This integration will take your chat experience with Alpaca Bot to the next level.

What is LLaVa?

LLaVA is an innovative end-to-end trained large multimodal model that combines a vision encoder and Vicuna, a powerful text generator, for general-purpose visual and language understanding. With impressive chat capabilities mimicking the spirits of the multimodal GPT-4, LLaVa has set a new state-of-the-art accuracy on Science QA.

Now with Alpaca Bot’s support for LLaVa, you can experience the power of this model by using images from your WordPress image gallery to enhance your chat interactions. This integration allows you to select an image that best represents your conversation topic and watch as Alpaca Bot uses this visual cue to improve the depth and accuracy of its responses.


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